Lack Triggers

Recognition Of The Problem Or The Need

At an initial stage, you would desire attracting awareness into the business by securing the high rank in the search engines. This would also include the process of marketing through making publication via white papers, etc. With the progress of the leads through the funnel, the outreach models shall get more inputs in personalization which would also involve a demo of the product or phone calls until the time of purchase.

There are various stages in the process sofa buying. A customer generally follows a specific pathway for buying. Different steps of buying are described as follows:

In this stage, an individual recognizes the need for the product due to a specific problem that he faces.

Search Of Information

Identifying an issue or the lack triggers a person to search for relevant information. Based on the requirement of the time, the potential customers search.

Evaluation And Analysis of   Alternatives

After examining, the customer starts finding various alternatives for which he or she has to compare between many products that are available in the market.

Purchase Decision

The decision of purchasing the conclusion of the entire preceding three stages. The customer finally make s the purchase of the appropriate product.